Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

Flatiron brings real-time user analytics to the physical world. We combine standard information collected from your attendees with aggregate data to provide venue heat maps, foot traffic reports, and chat sentiment.

For businesses who host events, collecting visitor analytics and info in physical spaces has proven to be a formidable task until now. Flatiron is the quintessential enterprise solution for obtaining meaningful insight and leads from an exhibition.







Monitor Your Event

The Missing Link

Online analytics services, such as Google Analytics, provide websites with invaluable insight about their audience. Flatiron provides a similar real-time, automated analytics service for your physical event space.

Our Solution

Event coordinators are given a portal to quickly and easily access visitor analytics. Our application collects information about attendees such as their demographics, their interests, and more.

The Flatiron platform gives you a deeper view into your event by collecting and distributing aggregate visitor data through event reports, generated heat maps, traffic flow diagrams, real-time attendance information, and chat sentiment.

Your New Showcase

Exhibitor Infomation

Through the Flatiron live map, attendees can learn more about each exhibit at a venue. Your attendees can find short descriptions and photos for each exhibit along with wayfinding for navigating the venue.

Open Communication

Our location-based chat provides a means for visitors to talk with each other, as well as a direct line of communication between attendees and exhibitors. Additionally, a private event planner chat enables your team to communicate and respond quickly and effectively.

Lead Generation

The Flatiron platform helps your exhibitors keep track of every interaction they make thorughout the event, creating new opportunities to make more meaningful leads at your event.